CAMP DATES for 2019 – Age limits apply as of Jan 1st of 2019

Ridge Riders 1: (Age 12-14) – June 29 to July 5

Ridge Riders 2: (Age 12-14) – July 6 to July 12

Ridge Riders 3: (Age 12-14) – July 13 to July 19

Ridge Riders 4: (Age 12-14) – July 20 to July 26

Ridge Riders 5: (Age 12-14) – July 27 to August 2

Ranch Camp (Age 14-17) – June 29 to July 5


Adult Ride n’ Relax: (Age 18+) –┬áJuly 1 to July 6

Mountain Base 1: (Age 14-17) – July 6 to July 13

Mountain Base 2: (Age 14-17) – July 13 to July 20

Mountain Base 3: (Age 14-17) – July 20 to July 27

Mountain Adventure 1: (Age 15-18) – July 27 to August 5

Alpine Pack n’ Ride: (Age 16-18) – August 6 to August 17


Peace Country Wilderness Camps (formerly Peace Country Pioneer) has been providing faith based wilderness horse camp experiences in the stunning Two Lakes / Kakwa region and along the hills and banks of the Smokey River near Grande Prairie for nearly 40 years. No other camp does what we do, and very few can match the memories and personal impact that campers come away with year after year.

When campers are taken out of their comfort zone, away from the normal routines of life and immersed in the grandeur of God’s creation along with a small group of like minded peers and a handful of dedicated leaders, magic happens. We are often at our best when we realize how small we are, how big God is, and how far he has gone to reach out to us and draw us to himself. PCWC takes you there through the breathtaking views, friendships, adventures, fun and games, and Bible learning and reflection times.

We invite you to join the countless campers, both young and old, from all walks of life and every corner of the world on the adventure of a lifetime!